Pekarna IVANKA s.r.o.

We are engaged not only in the production of bakery and confectionery products, but also their distribution and sale to retail networks for Ivančice, Znojmo, Moravian Krumlov, Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou, Brno, Pohořelice, Horní Kounice, Oslavany or in our own company stores.

In our bakery we pay attention to the traditional production of bread and bakery products.
sourdough bread, bread roll and braided, graham
  bread roll, wheat-rye bread, special cereal baguette,
  cereal bun embossed dark.

pastry - sweet cakes and strudels, leaf decor with
  blueberry and cottage cheese filling, poppy seed, Sweet corn
  stuffed with pear jam, grated bun with apricot
  fillings, cupcake pressed with plum jam, cottage cheese and fruit
  filling, cake tied with cottage cheese filling, plunder with
  fruit filling, poppy comb, poppy seed peeler or
  nuts, nougat filling, stuffed snail,
  wedding cakes..

- salty bread

- desserts

- cakes.

Our main product is traditional Krumlov bread - rye bread according to traditional recipes, a three-step method of rye leavening.

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