ZON, spol. s r.o.

Vitezslava Nezvala 79/34, Trebic 674 01
-soft drinks/ non-alcoholic beverages
-flavoured soda-waters/ lemonades/ fizzy drinks
-soda water, sparkling, non-sparkling, finely sparkling water
-non-carbonated multivitamin drinks

All products are made of water suitable for suckling infants.

-returnable glass bottles ZON 0.33 litre
-non-returnable PET bottles 0.5 litre, 1.5 litre and 2 litres
-KEGs 30 and 50 litres
-syrups in non-returnable canisters from 3.4 litre up to cisterns/ tanks of 7 tonnes.

The company was established in 1879, trademark ZON.

  • cold drinks, hot drinks, coffees and teas, lemonades, syrups, tonic drinks, milk drinks, water and mineral water

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