Cyrilometodejska 593/28, Trebic 674 01
Telephone: +420 568 820 730

plumbing, gas plumbing, plumbing and heating work for Třebíč and Velké Meziříčí we realize SIGETY & ŠÁRKA s.r.o.

Another important role of ours is the partnership with RWE and QUANTUM a.s. as another major distributor of the gas network. Since 2014, RWE customers have been able to conclude contracts for bundled natural gas supplies as well as the possibility of rewriting these contracts.

In addition, our employees are trained and tested every year, so you can be sure that everything is in the hands of a true expert.

The company was founded in 1997 by an association of individuals - Petr Sarka and Stanislav Sigety. After nine years of business, we changed the legal form to SIGETY & ŠÁRKA s.r.o.
The year 2008 meant receiving GAS certification in the gas industry and in the area of construction of gas connections and gas pipelines we expanded the company further.

Reg. No.: 27695786
VAT No.: CZ27695786
District: Trebic
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: limited company
Employees: 6 - 25 employees
Turnover: 185 thousand - 370 thousand €
Contact person: Stanislav Sigety

+420 568 820 730
+420 607 593 936



Contact persons:
Stanislav Sigety
tel: +420 603 510 309
email: ssigety@sigetysarka.cz

Petr Sarka
tel: +420 602 581 638
email: psarka@sigetysarka.cz

Stanislava BrodskaDvorakova
tel: +420 607 593 936
email: sbrodska@sigetysarka.cz

Roman Cesnek
tel: +420 604 781 124
email: rcesnek@sigetysarka.cz

Martin Sarka
tel: +420 721 562 942
email: msarka@sigetysarka.cz

GPS: 49°12′54.21″ N, 15°53′27.46″ E

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