Josef Pejchal

Brnenska 203/21, Trebic 674 01
Our construction company performs all construction work.
We implement new buildings, wooden buildings, eco-panels, passive houses, low-energy houses.
We provide reconstruction of houses, buildings, structures.
Implementation, reconstruction of bathrooms, apartment cores.
We design bathrooms, renovations in 3D, select equipment at reasonable prices, create a price offer.
Classic energy-saving electrical panels in family houses.
We implement chimney systems, superstructures, extensions, interior design of apartments.
We also focus on heating buildings, heat pumps.
Solar heating, home heating, underfloor heating, hot air heating, propane-butane heating. Building design, BTI.
Thermal insulation of buildings, replacement of windows.
Sanitary engineering of domestic wastewater treatment plants.

Activity, work. Construction:
-new building, new buildings

-floor, tiling
-realization of the housing core
-Lowenergy houses
fireplaces, fireplace inserts-fireplaces with heat exchanger
-classic, wall heating, heating of operations and halls
tiling, paving, plasterboard, plaster, insulation, outdoor interlocking paving, fences
-wiring, heating, gas installation
-heating in plastic, copper, metal, waste and water distribution, sewerage
-waste water treatment plants
-sewerage, engineering networks
-propane management Tanks for liquid propane to places where it is not possible to introduce gas
-projection, building design
-LPG filling station.

  • water underground utilities, sewage utilities, water-service pipes, sewer connections, heat distribution, power distribution networks
  • construction designs, building plans, plans of construction fixtures, one-family house designs, design of block of flats, commercial buildings designing
  • wooden structures, wood stairs, wood beams, building design, mobile dwelling, camper vans, recreational vehicles and caravans, wooden houses
  • passive buildings, low energy houses, underground houses, energy self-sufficient buildings
  • new buildings of residential houses, new flats for sale, new apartments for rent, parking spaces in new buildings, garages in new buildings
  • gas pipeline designing, gas pipeline assembly, gas installations, gas distribution system repairs, gas equipment revisions, gas appliance repairs
  • water pipeline laying, sewage pipeline laying, wc bowl replacement, mixing water tap installations, water distribution system repairs
  • tiling works, plumbing works, electrical works, heating installation and repairs, bathroom equipment installation
  • central heating installation, repair of heating, house boiler rooms, heat pumps, installation of electric boilers, thermoregulation valves
  • building activities, thermal insulation of buildings, replacement of windows and doors, energy saving, aesthetic appearance of building

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