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FABRI-MORAVIA s.r.o. from Moravské Budějovice is engaged in production and sale of building and joinery timber. Our company is also focused on the production of OSB boards, plywood and terrace and floor elements (holz-pur).

Building and joinery timber
We produce and subsequently supply to the market coniferous timber, which is intended for further processing in the packaging industry and construction. In stock we have a wide range of lumber of standard sizes, such as battens, boards, planks and prisms.
As for joinery timber, you can choose from 21 European species (maple, beech, oak, ash, cherry, pear, walnut, spruce, pine, larch, birch, acacia and others) and 7 types of exotic woods (eg sapeli, teak, ebony) usually in 5 thicknesses of 3 quality groups. We have all the timber in stock throughout the year.

This wood product is a planar composite material, which is made by gluing three or more layers of peeled veneer together. In addition, it has greater dimensional and dimensional stability than solid wood and is highly rigid, tough and resilient at low bulk density. They are particularly suitable for applications in the packaging industry with the quality designation C + / C.

OSB boards
It is a type of board made by pressing large (2-7cm) wood chips or shavings in three to four layers, which can have a ground or unground surface. They can also be provided with a milled tongue / groove at the edge for easy connection when creating floors or walls and are waterproof.

The most noble agglomerated wood-based material. Piedroit boards consist of chips or moldings of wood. The fries are stacked side by side so that each side is facing each other (left and right). The board can be provided with a strip against sagging and moisture working of wood.

Terrace floor elements
These outdoor flooring elements made of oak blend in shape with any architectural concept. They excel in long durability without special maintenance costs and are perfect for near water structures (bridges or terraces). They are more durable and durable than other types of wood.

  • floors of wood, wooden parquet blocks, solid wood flooring, veneer flooring, wooden floating floors, wooden stairs
  • materials for wooden furniture, rear walls of cabinets, peel veneers, shaped plywood, veneer painting, veneer prints
  • floorboards and boards, wooden building material, battens and planks, wooden cases, beams and squared timber

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