Nový Superb

  • automobile body services, car part welding, car body repairs, car body straightening, repairs after car crashes
  • complete service of car repair shop, repairs of cars, repairs of trucks, replacement of car parts
  • operation of car washes, car washing, car wash services, vehicle care
  • assistance service in car accident, vehicle tow-away, non-standard cargo transport, towing equipment hire
  • replacement of car tires, truck tire replacement, tyre repair, retreading of tires, wheel balancing, tire storage
  • sale of car spare parts, car accessories sale
  • passenger car paint, bodywork paint repairs, minor body works, car paint mixing, metallic car paints
  • sales of passenger cars, car rent service, sedan sales, car accessory sales, passenger car servicing, authorised car dealer
  • vehicle service checks, emission checks, emission measurement, vehicle registration, imported vehicle checks

Czech Companies:    Car body repair work,  Car paint work,  Car parts and accessories,  Car washes,  Complete car repairs,  Passenger motor vehicles,  Technical inspection stations and emission,  Towing service,  Tyre services, Tire services,