MIKO Office s.r.o.

1.maje 123, Moravske Budejovice 676 02
Our company sells office and school supplies, packaging materials, paper and forms.
We are also engaged in the production of postage stamps, including a text stamp, and we also perform laser cutting and engraving.
Our services also include high-cost and low-cost color printing of leaflets, brochures, business cards, notebooks, calendars, banners and more. We operate in the Vysočina, Třebíč, Moravské Budějovice, Znojmo, Jihlava areas.

Wholesale, retail, sale:
- office supplies
- packaging material
- paper assortment - copy paper, tabulation paper, special papers, photo papers
- stationery and school supplies
- adhesive tapes
- stretch and bubble foils
- cash rolls, labels, labeling pliers
- forms
- wallpapers.

- COLOP stamps
- tricolor stamps
- business cards
- banners
-laser cutting, engraving - metals, wood, plastics, glass, ceramics, leather, textiles, cork, rubber, paper, stone and other materials
-advertising, advertising materials
-binding of diploma and bachelor theses
-printing - banners, calendars, business cards, blocks, flyers and posters
-production of paper company boards
-graphic designs.

- binding of diploma theses - express binding within 60 minutes from the assignment.

  • graphic services, design services, printing services, production of visual styles, print processing, prepress preparation
  • production of company stamps, doctor's stamp production, stamp graphic design, stamp inks
  • production of printed advertising, Internet advertising preparation, production of radio commercials, billboards production, television commercial production
  • specialized books, foreign language dictionaries, textbooks for secondary school students, student discounts, textbooks for primary schools, university textbooks, fiction literature, non-fiction literature, books on cooking, detective stories
  • office paper, office folders, writing implements, gluing implements, wrapping supplies, work calendars
  • hygienic paper supplies, office paper, school stationery, paper covers, paper cups, cardboard products
  • boxes of plastic, jars and bottles, wrapping films, food packagings, cups and dishes, plastic bags

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