ADW AGRO, a.s.

c.76, Krahulov 675 21
Purchase, post-harvest treatment, storage, sale:
-agricultural commodities.

Production, sale:
-feeding mixes
-complementary feed
-feeding raw materials.

Purchase, storage, sale:

Laboratory analyzes:
-vegetable products
-feeding raw materials.

Consulting and service:
-animal and plant production.

  • complex dog feed, cat feed, rodent feed, fish feed, complementary animal feed
  • soya beans, pea and bean seeds, lentil seeds, oilseed rape, sunflower and Jerusalem artichoke, linseed and flaxseed, poppy heads
  • growing crops, crop production, agricultural commodities, food wheat, malting barley, fodder millet
  • distribution of slow melting fertilizers, room plant fertilizers, coniferous tree fertilizers, pesticides
  • screen wash mixes, fuel sales, motor oil sales, motorway stamp sales, car accessory sales, first-aid boxes, antifreeze
  • sales and distribution of petrol, diesel, natural gas, antifreeze to diesel

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