Statni veterinarni ustav Jihlava

Rantirovska 93/20, Jihlava 586 05
Telephone: +420 567 143 111

State Veterinary Institute Jihlava. Accredited testing laboratory n. 1129.

Veterinary laboratory services and consultations.

Virological, serological, parasitological, bacteriological, pathological, molecular-biological and chemical examinations in the area of health, diseases and infections of animals. Complex laboratory examinations of animals in import and export. Inspecting living conditions of animals in stalls. Chemical control and analysis of food, feeds, water, waste water and wastes. Microbiological control of food, cosmetics and food production processes.

Food examinations:
- sensory evaluations of foodstuffs
- chemical analyses of foodstuffs, ready to cook products and ingredients
- controlling food composition and quality (adulteration)
- monitoring of foreign substances in foodstuffs
- detection and quantification of GMO
- detection and quantification of mycotoxins
- detection and quantification of veterinary medicine residues
- detection and quantification of additives (preservatives, colorings, sweeteners)
- detection and quantification of polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), chlorinated pesticides and PCB, organophosphates, vitamins, heavy metals
- detection and quantification of allergens
- detection and quantification of specific proteins
- detection and quantification of bacterial toxins.

Feed examinations:
- sensory evaluations of feeds
- microbiological, mycological examinations of feeds
- chemical examinations of feeds
- monitoring of foreign substances in feeds of vegetable and animal origin.

Water examinations:
- chemical examinations of drinking water, feedwater, surface and waste water
- microbiological analyses of drinking water, feedwater, surface and waste water.

Examinations in the area of animal health:
- laboratory diagnosis of infectious and noninfectious diseases of farm, domestic and hobby animals
- virological and serological examinations
- bacteriological examinations
- parasitological examinations
- examinations for prion and prion diseases ( TSE - BSE, scrapie, CWD)
- molecular-biological examinations
- biochemical, toxicological and hematological examinations for health monitoring
- histological and imunohistological examinations
- coordination of remedial programs from BVD
- gestation diagnosis
- consulting services, providing expert opinions and interpreting examination results
- pathology-anatomical examinations
- histological, imunohistological examinations.

Reg. No.: 13691554
VAT No.: CZ13691554
District: Jihlava
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: others
Employees: 101 - 500 employees
Turnover: over 3 703 thousand €
Contact person: MVDr. Pavel Barták, Ph.D.

+420 567 143 111

+420 567 310 592



Contact persons:
MVDr. Pavel Bartak, Ph.D.
tel: +420 567 143 232

Mgr. Ilona Paulova
tel: +420 567 143 229
fax: +420 567 310 592

Working time:
po-pa 6-19, so-ne 7-12

GPS: 49°23′53.05″ N, 15°33′28.91″ E

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