Snaha, kozedelne druzstvo Brtnice

c. 353, Brtnice 588 32
- tanning of fur skins, hides
- muskrat, fallow deer, wild boar, buck, badger,
kid, cat, fitch, rabbit, marten, red fox, pedigree fox, moufflon, mink, nutria, dog, roe, marmot, chinchilla, calf, sheepskin and lambskin
- skins of animals said in endangered animals list
are not tanned
- tanning on the basis of licence
- ostrich skins
- furs treatment to the Frost, Brisa, Napalan, Snow
- imitation - tiger, leopard etc
- buy-out, dyeing.

- furs, skins/ leathers natural and dyed
- complementary products
- pillows, sheepskin plates, foot-warmers/ muffs,
vests/ waists, kidney belts, gloves, warm slippers, auto seat covers, covers for armchairs, products for horsemanship/ equestrianism.

  • coloured threads, cotton yarns of various colours, knitting needles, leather goods and leatherware, pearl buttons, wooden buttons, crochet hooks, spiral zippers, hand needles, sewing machine needles, knitting yarns

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