Leube Beton s.r.o.

The supplier Leube Beton s.r.o. from the Czech Republic, which is an EU member state, is a manufacturer of concrete building elements and reinforced concrete structures. We are mainly engaged in the production and supply of precast concrete, such as noise walls, bridge structures and industrial halls.

Our portfolio of concrete products includes a wide variety of elements, such as atypical prefabricated elements, such as balcony structures and loggias, garages, footbridges and bridges, gable, staircases, silage sump systems, grandstands, L and T angle walls and elevator shafts.

Components for outdoor architecture include vegetation blocks, Alpine stone support systems, rock block, Florena flower pots, bollards, waste bin, bicycle stand, palisades, road and garden curbs, paving, drainage gutters, fencing, slabs and floring tiles.

Furthermore, products for the railway, industrial and road program, such as supporting slope systems, noise walls, road curbs, hydroblocks, platform edges, road panels and crossing concrete structures for trams.

The elements of the rough construction are reinforced concrete ceiling panels (PZD), ceramic concrete ceiling panels (POD), filigree ceiling panels, road panels, fence panels and reinforcing steel. Our company holds a quality certificate according to the CSN EN ISO 9001: 2009 standard.


Ruwena, Faseton, Leube, Topstone, Topline


precast concrete, noise walls, bridge structures, industrial halls, Czech Republic

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