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LAGUS s.r.o., with registered office in Jihlava, is from Czech Republic, a Member State of the European Union. It focuses on the manufacturing of special, custom fasteners, screws, nuts, clips, micro screws, washers and cold forming work.

We focus primarily on the high quality of our products, which meet the requirements of the VDA and ISO TS 16949 standards while still delivering on demand for low prices.

We deliver our products across Czech Republic and Slovakia, and to renowned global companies in Austria, Germany, France or Italy. We manufacture fasteners and similar materials for the automotive and machine tool industries and the construction industry. We are also capable of producing custom fasteners and materials per client specifications.

The fasteners we are prepared to manufacture, including custom work, include:

- nuts
- screws
- rivets
- threaded rod
- cotter pins
- washers
- screws
- pins
- lock washers
- keys
- wedge steel
- sheet metal screws
- micro screws
- rivet nuts and much more

We have many years of experience in working with brass, aluminium, plastic and steel of all classes, including stainless. Our surface finishes are compliant with standards used by VW, BMW, Fiat, Ford, General Motors, PSA, Hella, Koito, Automotive Lighting, and many others.
All manufacturing processes and production batches are carefully controlled. All parts are sampled with material attestations and surface finish certificates.

Cold forming is another technology we offer. This form of manufacturing is particularly advantageous by producing a large number of components at once, which results in material savings. Other advantages include the excellent reproducibility of results and the rigidity, stiffness and strength of the material. Related work is assigned to foreign companies with better and primarily cheaper availability of materials. These professional and qualified companies include firms from America, Turkey and China.

We are the specialists in fasteners and cold formed products and our priority is high product quality at a low price.

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