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The village of Hubenov was probably founded by German colonization. According to archival records, the old village was already called Hladov in 1366 (the name Steindorf in Latin documents) and the original inhabitants were engaged in pastoralism. Later, the grazing yards of Hladov (Starý Hubenov) and Hubenov (Nový Hubenov) became the property of the monastery in Želiva.

During the Hussite wars, the property of the Želiv monastery passed to the Trček family from Lípa. Krištof Jaroslav Trčka of Lípy then sold the village of Hladov and the court of Hubenov to Albrecht of Ratibořice, who then sold this property to the town of Jihlava in 1599. The village was owned by the citizens of Jihlava until 1848.

Until the 1960s, the village had 36 descriptive numbers, 10 homesteads were completely rebuilt or newly built in the mid-1960s, and construction in Nový Hubenov developed similarly in the 1970s. At present, the village has 61 descriptive numbers and 141 permanent residents.

In 1953, a fire brigade was established in the village. In May 1957, during a great storm, lightning set fire on barn No. 17 and subsequently on Mr. Friedl's family house and farm buildings in Mr. Krupička's neighboring homestead. The fire completely destroyed the mentioned objects despite the prompt intervention of firefighters. Thanks to the help of the neighbors and his own efforts, the owner rebuilt the house within a few days.

In 1971, public spaces in both parts of the village were renovated. The cleaned and maintained areas were planted with ornamental trees and shrubs and thus significantly improved the environment in the village.

The municipal office can be found at Hubenov 8, Jihlava district.

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