Opravny Telc, a.s.

  • manufacture of railings, bar installations, staircase building, locksmith production of structural units, manufacture of steel parts

  • forged fences, metal gates, slide rail gates, drives for metal gates, revolving metal gates, metal fences

  • production halls, petrol stations, technological structures, production capacity designing, energy centres

  • assembly halls, staircases and railings, gates and fencing, locksmith structural elements, street furniture, production of metal structures

The production and supply of steel structures, cladding, roofing of prefabricated halls and other locksmith structures is carried out by Opravny Telč, a.s. We are able to deliver and realize all constructions we produce throughout the Czech Republic.

The constructions we produce and the spaces we create from them find use:
- in stock management
 - in agriculture
 - as production, assembly and administrative halls
 - as hangars for light and ultralight aircraft or gliders and helicopters
 - as stables, riding stables

We are also able to produce:
- gates
- fire ladders
- staircase
 - other products of a similar nature

We continuously improve and innovate the quality of our production and production processes - we work with technologies for blasting and plasma cutting.

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Radkovska 507
Telc 588 56

+420 567 578 981

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