FIDE s.r.o.

Výroba dámské, hygienické potřeby

We are FIDE s.r.o., a manufacturing company based in the Czech Republic, a member state of the European Union. Our company specializes in female intimate hygiene brands: MICCI, OASIS, CARINE, and PRIVATE LABEL. We have been working to develop and improve our products, which help manage yeast infections, vaginal inflammation and fungal infections.
Our products are sold as private brands not only in the entire Czech, Slovak and Polish republics, but also in Spain, Germany and the rest of the world.

Manufacture, sale:
- tampons

Menstrual pads:
- antiseptic
- probiotic
- classic pads
- with embossment and core fixation
- winged ultrathin pads with superabsorbent
- TOP DRY surface and night pads

ISO 90001:2008 certification.

Carine ProBiotic, Oasis ProBiotic pads:
A unique combination of a menstrual pad and probiotic culture.

What makes Carine ProBiotic and Oasis ProBiotic pads so exceptional?

- They promote healthy vaginal and urinary tract mucosa.
- They help eliminate vaginal yeast infections.
- They provide reliable protection of the vaginal mucosa during menstruation, a comfortable supply of beneficial microflora, and natural restoration of the vaginal flora balance.

The pads contain a pure lactobacillus culture that colonizes and stabilizes the vaginal environment.
Probiotics reduce the pH of the tissuein contact with the pad. A lower pH prevents the growth of undesirable microorganisms.
Probiotics inhibit the growth of undesirable bacteria that enter the pad during its use and create the optimal environment for lactobacilli growth.
Probiotic culture naturally grows in the pad and overtakeunwanted bacteria that normally enter the pad during discharge or bleeding. The pad does not become a significant source of infection.
Growth of probiotic bacteria helps reduce a foul odor from the pad during its use.
The pad is suitable for routine use both in healthy women who want to take care of their intimate hygiene and in women who suffer from single or recurrent episodes of vaginal infections of bacterial or yeast origin.

Carine ProBiotic was named the Best New Productof 2012 in the Consumer Choice Awards! It is theonly product of itstype on the market!

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