Kardany, spol. s r.o.

  • spare parts for passenger cars, repurchase of car parts, windshield replacement, parts for transmissions, motor oil sales

  • car overhauling, automobile maintenance, complete car repair shop services

The company Karadany, spol. s.r.o. is engaged in service shafts and joints for trucks of Czech and foreign manufacturers and also repairs and sells cardan shafts and spare parts for trucks and cars, renovates v-bars and v-linkages and last but not least, balances rotary shafts.

The company is equipped with classic machine tools, has its welding workplace with a semi-automatic welding machine.
The balancing workplace is equipped with a balancing device from CEMB.
Common repairs and servicing will be arranged according to the customer's needs, usually while you wait or the next day, for atypical cardan joints depending on the delivery of spare parts.

Production, sale:

- new cardan joints according to customer requirements
- cardan shafts and joints

Repair of propeller shafts:

- road motor vehicles
- construction machinery
- industrial drives
We provide cardan service:

- spacers (bone) and V - rods (triangle)
- for trucks of domestic and foreign production (Ford transit, Volkswagen, Ltp, Iveco, Man, Volvo, Scania, Liaz, Avia, Mazda, Nissan, Mercedes, Renault).


- cardan balancing on a new balancing device.

Sales of spare parts:

- for cardan shafts and joints
- Crosses, pins, splines, hubs and repair kits.

We are a company operating on the Czech market since 2000 and constantly working to improve our products and services, do not hesitate to contact us with any question, we will be happy to answer.


Volkswagen, Iveco, Volvo, Scania, Ford

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