Svitavska 1224, Litomysl 570 01

Reg. No.: 15036723
VAT No.: CZ15036723
District: Svitavy
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: limited company
Employees: 26 - 100 employees
Turnover: over 3 703 thousand €
Contact person: Josef Kolář

  • blade cultivator, mulch harrow, subsurface ploughs, rollers and compactomats, self-loading transporters
  • manufacture of circular air ducts, gas air heaters, manufacture of noise absorbers, home and office air conditioning
  • assembly halls, staircases and railings, gates and fencing, locksmith structural elements, street furniture, production of metal structures
  • metal tanks, metal containers, metal silos, tanker trailers for food, pressure tanks for food

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