Horni Porici 123, Letovice 679 61

  • propellant refuelling, fuels and lubricants, washing of motor vehicles, car accessories sale
  • forwarding activity, goods storage, customs warehouse, dispatching service, freight transport, logistics
  • inland passenger transport by vans, domestic cargo transport by vans, van driver hire, rental of van within the Czech Republic
  • international logistic services, international import, equipment of inter-state forwarding documents
  • transportation of cargo by water, river freight transportation, services of cargo ships, freight transport to ports, making rivers navigable
  • transport logistics, warehousing logistics, logistic processes, flow of goods
  • inland truck transport, inland transport of oversized loads, haulier liability insurance
  • international freight transport, international distribution of shipments, foreign carriers of goods
  • transport company, transport booking system, bus ticket, train station
  • soil excavation, landscaping, earthwork for utility networks, loading and transportation of soil, strengthening of surfaces
  • floorboards and boards, wooden building material, battens and planks, wooden cases, beams and squared timber
  • plastic lubricants, lubricating and assembly pastes, greases, motorcycle oils, motor oils, industrial oils
  • sales and distribution of petrol, diesel, natural gas, antifreeze to diesel
  • sale of solid fuels, firewood and briquettes, fuel lignite and brown coal, fuel hard coal, fuel coke
  • sawmill production, coniferous joinery timber, broadleaved joinery timber, lumber impregnation, planing of lumber, work with timber loader
  • oil industry, oil extraction and processing, oil-based products, paraffin and bitumen manufacture
  • international long-distance lines, luxury mini-buses, regular international bus lines, passenger transport abroad
  • express air transport, passenger air transport, air ticker reservation, last-minute air tickets, air ticket insurance, air taxi
  • passenger railway transport, dining cars, bicycle transport, international railway transport, czech railways, railway station
  • sales of wooden eur pallets, distribution of untypical pallets, pallet load-bearing bases, disposable pallets
  • carbon materials, brown coal pellets, granulated charcoal, black coal, lignite
  • transport of people by bus, domestic bus transport, bus timetables
  • rapid transport of consignments, transport by courier, courier services, express delivery of shipments
  • train transport of goods, railway network, freight railroad cars, railway containers, railway siding

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