Lenka Grubhofferova

Pusta Rybna 144, Policka 572 01
Telephone: +420 461 725 543

Reg. No.: 70185549
VAT No.:
District: Svitavy
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: entrepreneur with trade license
Employees: unspecified
Turnover: unspecified
Contact person: Drahomíra Grubhofferová

  • organic fertilizers, inorganic fertilizers, short-acting fertilizers, long-acting fertilizers, watering fertilizers, fertilizing granulate, fertilizer spraying
  • wedding and bridal bouquets, ceremonial bouquets, bunches of flowers for men, gerberas and lilies, chrysanthemums and carnations, funeral wreaths, callas and roses, tulips and orchids, floral arrangements, cut flowers, pot flowers

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