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Rotacni tvareni plastu

CZ PLAST is a Czech company, which entered our market 15 years ago with that time here rare rotomolding technology of production of plastic parts. The company gained strong position on the market by its approach to the partners and customers, by products quality and developing technology of rotomolding. It became a valuated partner of both domestic and foreign industrial companies.

CZ PLAST manufactures and delivers various types of fuel and special tanks. Rotomolding is succesfully used for production of number of further industrial parts as air-ducts, fenders, cabin parts, doors, floaters, distributor covers, etc.
Substantial parts of the production represents products for constructions - water-meter-shafts, inspection shafts, waste water shafts and water tanks.
CZ PLAST ensures komplex service for the manufacturers of machines and industrial equipment - from the cooperation on the design and development of the product, design and manufacture of the rotomolding tool up to the production of the rotomolded parts including the assembly of the final product.

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