Libor Brom


Pálení plechů vláknovým laserem TRUMPF 3030

We are engaged in the production of sheet metal shaping machines, especially for use in tinsmiths, locksmith and maintenance workshops and operations. The construction is performed following our own designs.

We also sell forming machines, machine-tools and implements.
We provide production of special machines according to the client's request and their own technical documentation, with the option of construction design provided by our company.

We specialize in the production of tilting masts for railway platforms.
The masts can be used, for example, for the lighting of platforms, parks, tennis courts, etc. We are also able to produce atypical masts and street lighting poles.

Our broad range of activities also includes the option of the production of bus stop shelters and street furniture.

Newly, we provide the production of moulds for rotational moulding of plastics.

Sale, production:
- RAINER 4000 punching press
- tinsmith's machines
- moulds for rotary moulding of plastics
- tools
- poles / masts
- roofing material
- bus stops, street furniture
- metal fabrication on customer demand
- street / public lighting
- bending machines
- bending rolls
- shears
- signing machines
- welting machines
- presses
- punching machines
- drilling machines
- tinsmith's tools and instruments
- folding machines
- band saws
- conveyors for building material
- press brakes
- used machines
- other
- protective equipment, snap-hooks, karabiners, hook nails, cramps
- service.

For all our products we provide both warranty and customer service and consulting.

The last in our range of activities is the provision of bus and minibus transport.

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bending machines, bending rolls, shears, folding presses, drilling machines, public lighting, bus stops