Vychodoceske plynarenske strojirny, a.s.

Rosice 16, Rosice u Chrasti 538 34
Supply, production:
-tank trucks, equipment for gas transport
-semitrailer, trailers
-filling stations
-pressure vessels, storage tanks, casks, cisterns
-propane, propan butane, LPG
-automatic gas-burners
-equipment and facilities for LPG
-propane, propane-butane, LPG technologies

Installation and service:
-gas boiler rooms
-gases distribution
-sewage treatment plants
-petrol stations
-storage tanks and pressure vessels including distribution
-propane, propane-butane, LPG technologies

Designing and consulting activity:
-propane, propane-butane, LPG technologies
-gas boiler rooms

Inspection activity:
-gas and electro inspection
-expert inspections.

Quality management system certificate CSN EN ISO 9001.

  • metal tanks, metal containers, metal silos, tanker trailers for food, pressure tanks for food
  • stacking transporters, grid boxes, metal containers, wire and all-metal pallets
  • pressure expansion vessels, expansion vessels of heating systems, expansion vessels for solar systems, water expansion vessels

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