Jednota, spotrebni druzstvo Hlinsko

Tylovo namesti 272, Hlinsko 539 29
Retail trade:
-hard goods, chemist's
-building materials
-discount stores.
-grocery, fruit, vegetables, dairy
-hard goods, convenience goods and others
-complete range.
Chairman - Mr Holicky, tel.: +420-469311552.
Vice-chairman - Mrs Iva Bucanova, tel.: +420-469326248.
Asset accounting department, tel.: +420-469311522.
General accountancy department, tel.: +420-469311520.
Technical division, tel.: +420-469311523.
Operating division, tel., fax: +420-469311666.
MTZ (materials) store, Rvacovska 293, tel.: +420-469311673.
Store of packing, Rvacovska 293, tel.: +420-469311560.
Wholesale store, Na Zamosti 271, tel.: +420-469326240, fax: +420-469311545.
Fruit and vegetable warehouse, Rvacovska 293, tel.: +420-469314070.

  • loose building materials, solid construction materials, building material sale, walling, sand sale, gravel sale, sale of stone, brick sale
  • sanitary agents, cleaning agents, disinfecting agents, washing agents, cleaning detergents, cosmetic preparations
  • smoked meat products, sausage products, stewed ham, pig-slaughtering product range, minced meat, slaughter meat
  • fresh milk, butter and butter products, cheese and whey, sweet cream, sour cream, cottage cheese
  • agricultural products, citrus fruits, root vegetables, fruit pulp, healthy food
  • production of fresh baked goods, manufacture of long-life bakery products, production of Christmas cookies, pastries and confectionery, cakes to order
  • food products, mill products, sugar refinery products, animal and vegetable fats

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