SAPA - LPJ, spol.s.r.o.
Pozemni stavby Vysoke Myto

  • foundation excavations, excavations for heat pumps, pool pit excavations, earth movement, demolition works

  • water underground utilities, sewage utilities, water-service pipes, sewer connections, heat distribution, power distribution networks

  • construction of roads and motorways, bridge construction, highway construction, construction of crossings, construction of railway network

Construction company SAPA - LPJ, spol.s.r.o. - we carry out construction and construction, reconstruction and modernization:

 - communication
 - buildings for housing, trade and services
 - Local roads, squares and utilities
 - transport and civil engineering works
 - roads, sidewalks, parking areas, parking lots
 - laying of sewers, cables
 - earthwork and paving
 - industrial and concrete halls.

Construction of local roads, squares, buildings and utilities.

 - NEYR Pardubice
 - PEWAG Ceska Trebova
 - construction of a hall in Hořice Engineering Works
 - bakery Sázava.
 - IVECO Vysoké Mýto - storage hall
 - KIMOScom.-CZ Praha Hostivice - storage hall
 - sewerage village Sudslava
 - revitalization of the center of the village Vyprachtice

In 2004 it was awarded the CONSTRUCTION OF THE YEAR of the Pardubice Region "reconstruction of Alois Jirásek Square in Lanškroun".


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SAPA - LPJ, spol.s.r.o.


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