NESSY, spol. s r.o.
Odbavovaci systemy, turnikety

Design, project, supply, sale, installation, service, repairs, consulting:
- Box office entrance ticket and turnstile check-in systems, attendance systems, changing room lock systems
- For sports and cultural facilities and services in the field of leisure time - indoor swimming pools and public outdoor swimming pools, soccer and ice hockey stadiums, multipurpose halls, ski sites, zoological gardens, exhibition grounds, museums, castles, chateaux
- Identification technology - cards with protected barcode /BC/ and contactless chip proximity cards
- Mobile turnstile check-in systems for occasional events
- Printing of tickets and identification cards of ISO size for organization of exhibitions, concerts, techno parties
- Representation of the Austrian company n-tree SOLUTIONS
- Turnstiles, gates
- Synchronous motor ones - all types (with revolving spider - tripod or with a vertical axis of rotation)
- For electronic check-in systems, access control systems, barrier equipment, mechanical and motor gates
- Representation of the Austrian company KARL GOTSCHLICH
- Barriers and equipment for car parks
- Electric barriers and systems for public parking lots, parking posts
- Products of AUTOGARD company
- Sliding and winged gates (doors)
- Including drives and control
- Systems for guard service inspection
- P.E.S. system for monitoring of beat and guard service carrying out using sensors and checkpoints.
A member of:
- Sdruzeni provozovatele lanovek a vleku (SPVL) (the Association of cableway and ski lift keepers)
- Sdruzeni zimnich stadionu (SZS) (the Association of ice arenas)
- Asociace bazenu a saun (ABAS) (the Association of swimming pools and saunas)
- Asociace pracovniku v regeneraci (APR) (the Association of workers in regeneration)
- Asociacia kupalisk a bazenov Slovenska (AKUBAS) (the Association of lidos and swimming pools of Slovakia).

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