Javurek CZ s.r.o.
Betonarna Usti nad Orlici

Moravska, Usti nad Orlici - Hylvaty 562 01
Telephone: +420 606 350 388

The concrete plant Ústí nad Orlicí produces quality concrete mixtures for construction companies and small builders. We supply concrete mixtures in any quantity. We provide our own transport of concrete by car mixers, we also deal with the sale and distribution of sand, aggregates, gravel, mulch bark or other loose building materials. Arrange the removal of soil or rubble to the landfill. We also provide earthwork, landscaping, slope and land preparation for construction of buildings, pools or playgrounds. We offer dredging foundations, including concreting.

Concrete mixing plant, concrete mixing plant
 - production, distribution, transport and sale of concrete mix.

Wholesale, sale, distribution, transport
 - loose building material
 - sand, sands
 - crumb, gravel
 - ornamental stones, aggregates
 - bark mulch.

 - transport of concrete and loose construction materials
 - debris and soil removal to landfill.

 - truck mixers
 - tipper kits, folds
 - JCB tractor and excavator.
 - landscaping, slope
 - preparation of land for buildings
 - excavating foundations.

If you need a concrete mix, we will prepare and deliver it from our concrete plant to its destination. We can also transport all loose materials according to your wishes. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to give you details about our offer.

Reg. No.: 26002388
VAT No.: CZ26002388
District: Usti nad Orlici
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: limited company
Employees: 6 - 25 employees
Turnover: 370 thousand - 1 851 thousand €
Contact person: Josef Javůrek

+420 606 350 388
+420 606 662 903
+420 602 662 908



Contact persons:
Josef Javurek
tel: +420 602 662 903

Working time:
po-pa 7-16, so 7-12

GPS: 49°57′45.79″ N, 16°24′33.98″ E

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