PSP izoterm s.r.o.
Polyuretanove sendvicove panely


Sendvičové panely pro nákladní automobily

Production - thermal insulating sandwich panels with polyurethane, polystyrene, etc.
-dustproof, isothermal, cooling, refrigerating boxes and automobile and trailer bodies, undersealing of vans - reinforcements for cooling unit, door hinges and closures, gutter sections, equipment for meat in hanging position and others can be built in panel
-cutting - shaped parts made of PUR foam
-insulating adapting pipes, boilers, flow heaters, fittings for undersealing of sectional roofing.
Custom manufacturing:
-polyurethane insulations
-thermo-insulating panels for built-up structures and buildings insulation
-building sheet doors with polyurethane insulation according to CSN, DIN
-atypical cooling and refrigerating doors.
Repairs, service, assembly:
-cooling and refrigerating bodies.



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Insulating material


Refrigerating and cooling equipment


thermally insulating panels, boxes and trailer bodies, production technology, shaped parts for piping insulation