LIGMA spol.s r.o.

Masarykovo namesti 181/IV, Vysoke Myto 566 01
Manufacturer and seller of school and office appliances from plastic foils and building dilatations.
The company has been established in1992 and it has 40 employees currently. Production, sale:
- school and office appliances from plastic foils:
- school wrappings for exercise books and
textbooks/ books
special and universal
models - various colours
- office appliances - wide assortment
- products of plastic films - made-to-measure
- dilatation bands:
- suitable for cast concrete and laid floors
- dilatation bands and tapes are produced in
types - metallic band - vulcanized rubber - metallic band
- used material for metallic bands and tapes:
brass, aluminium, titan / zinc - possibly their combination
- colour of the rubber - black, beige, grey
- production - gel candles.

  • office paper, office folders, writing implements, gluing implements, wrapping supplies, work calendars
  • covering plastic films, construction foils, bubble wraps, LDPE and stretch films, plastic crates and boxes, plastic bottles and cans, plastic barrels and buckets, plastic containers

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