ATECH Bohemia a.s.

ATECH Bohemia a.s.

Production, supply, installation and servicing:

Automatic doors:
- Telescopic
- Straight sliding
- Angular
- Folding
- Circular
- Circle sector

Automatic door controllers:
- Pulling or pushing
- With standard rod
- With parallel rod
- With sliding rod
- With standard control
- With external control with additional functions
- With controlled entry
- With controlled sequential closing and opening of door wings

Atypical production:
- The largest automatic doors in Europe
- Industrial swivel / hinged gate for gantry crane passage

Aluminium structures:
- Walls and shop windows
- Aluminium facades and walls
- Aluminium windows and doors

Interior all-glazed doors and walls:
- Architecturally and design looking interior frameless structures

Fire aluminium constructions:
- Fireproof construction
- Frame anti-fire construction

Delivery, installation and service:

Industrial and garage doors:
- Sectional
- Hinged
- Rolling
- Door fittings
- Security components
- Door leafs
- Optional extras

Czech Companies:    Metal and aluminium windows and doors,  Metal gates and fences,  Scaffoldings and assembly platforms,  Steel structures and metal stairs,