AM Gnol s.r.o.
Autodoprava Mechanizace

Hradecka 225, Predmerice nad Labem 503 02
Freight and passenger road transport, earthwork, construction machinery, renting of storage areas, railway siding, bus transport, passenger transportation, oversize loads, international and domestic transport.

Forwarding, full loading, truck transport, domestic and international road transport throughout the whole Czech Republic and Europe.
- transport of loose materials, piece transport
- oversize loads up to 50 t

The company has DAF, MAN trucks, DAF tipping semi-trailer,
transport of loose materials by TATRA T815, TERRNO1, DAF, DEMPER vehicles,
transportation by platform lorries, AVIA, MAN flat bed truck, platform trailer,
container transport, MAN and AVIA, with hydraulic arm, RENAULT tanker for liquids 12 000 m3, transportation of fluids and bulk materials.

Passenger transport, bus transport, touring transport:
We provide transport for 1-63 people by profesionally trained and reliable drivers.
Our services can be used by travel agencies, schools, sports clubs, companies and others.

In our vehicle fleet you can find:

Our vehicles are equipped with wifi, toilets, safety belts, air-conditioning, coffee machines and other accessories.

Earthworks, machinery, excavations, front and side loading, earth covering and overburden removing are another field that we are engaged in.
We provide our services in a complex way, from the work itself up to containers placement and ecological waste disposal. We operate in Hradec Kralove and its surroundings, by arrangement also throughout the whole Czech Republic.

- the company owns LIEBHERR wheeled excavators and loaders
- mini excavators
- tipping containers for debris

We will provide to you:
- rock mining
- road reinforcing
- soil covering
- preparatory works for foundations
- concrete crushing
and others.

Transport of individual consignments

Rental of non-residential spaces, renting of storage areas, unroofed and roofed paved areas, storage (warehouse), handling paved areas.

Cleaning of roads, washing of roads, removal of wastewater, waste from septic tanks, cesspools and cesspits

Recycling line, building press

Sale of recycled building material, crushed stones, gravel, sand and soil.

Passable double-track railway siding, railway car weight of 80 t, possibility of bulk materials loading.

Repairs and servicing of passenger and freight motor vehicles.
The car repair shop provides - including spare parts:

- repairs of motor vehicles
- sale of spare parts
- diagnosis of engine electronics
- laser geometry
- mechanical repairs of trucks

We will prepare your car and provide technical inspections and emission controls.

Tyre service:

- tyre servicing
- steering geometry checking
- tyre repairs
- tyre changing
- ecological disposal of used tyres
- wheel balancing

  • complete service of car repair shop, repairs of cars, repairs of trucks, replacement of car parts
  • replacement of car tires, truck tire replacement, tyre repair, retreading of tires, wheel balancing, tire storage
  • transport of people by bus, domestic bus transport, bus timetables
  • international coach transport, transportation for travel agencies, transport for commercial companies, transfers abroad, collective transport of people
  • distribution organizing, cargo transport provision, freight forwarding services, transportation of individual packages
  • domestic cargo transport, internal transport of agricultural commodities, domestic trucking, domestic railway transport
  • international cargo transport, international transportation of agricultural commodities, international truck transport, international transport by rail
  • flats for rent, houses for rent, offices for rent, commercial premises to let, storage spaces for rent
  • water line digging, sewerage digging, underground utility construction, construction of surface roads, pavement and sidewalk construction, landscaping and ground work
  • trash cans and scrap baskets, waste containers, dustbins and rubbish bins, rubbish collection equipment, sweeping machines and sweepers, urban cleaning equipment

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