REKOM Novy Bydzov, a.s.
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Construction company REKOM Nový Bydžov, a.s. focuses on the construction and reconstruction of roads. We are also engaged in the production of concrete mixtures. We realize constructions as complex deliveries on request of the customer and the latest methods of quality management according to ISO 9001 standard

Construction activity:
 - transport structures: roads, roads, cycle paths
 - construction and reconstruction of roads
 - construction of other hard surfaces
 - laying of coated bituminous mixtures or recycled bituminous mixtures
 - milling and laying of coated mixtures
 - laying of asphalt concrete
 - compaction
 - laying of interlocking pavement
 - construction of sports grounds.

Concrete mixing plant Barchůvek near Nový Bydžov:
 - production of concrete mixtures
 - concrete type C according to ČSN EN 206-1
 - own concrete mixer SCANIA (content 7m3)
 - operating hours: 6:30 - 16:00 hours.

We have sufficient machinery and we always meet the agreed deadlines. The company REKOM Nový Bydžov, a.s. has been a major construction company for many years.

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REKOM Novy Bydzov, a.s.


Barchuvek 2
Menik 504 01
+420 737 269 582

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