J4 s.r.o.

J4 s.r.o.

Production, repairs, service, supplies:
Cyclothermic bakery tunnel ovens
Baking and bakery lines and bakeries

Lines for production of:
- sticks
- gingerbreads
- toast bread
- free set bread
- durable pastries
- arab bread
- croissants
- muffins
- tin bread
- national specialities
- short pastry
- hamburger buns
- sponge biscuits
- batons
- baguettes
- pita bread
- pizza
- cereal products
- ciabatta
- baranka
- taralli
- pretzels
- biscuits
- biscuits for pets and animals
- lines for animal food baking


Bakery lines.

- Multiline lines
These lines bake various types of products in individual tins or their sets. They allow to bake a wide range of products and can thus adjust to the actuall demands of the bakery shop's purchasers in a flexible way.
Toast bread, hamburger buns, ciabattas, pan rustico and special bread kinds can all be baked in them.

Bakery tunnel ovens

The advantage of bakery tunnel ovens is their possible modular unit solution. They are designed for baking all bakery products, especially rye and rye-wheat bread, white pastries, confectionery pre-processed products and other. The modular unit solution of bakery tunnel ovens of the PPP type is suitable for large-capacity as well as small bakeries. Suitable for baking all kinds of pastry. We also provide various supplementary devices for the bakery ovens.

We provide accessories for the bakery tunnel ovens and also their optional design.
- automatic regulation of steam pressure
- automatic control of dampers
- pressureless steam generator
- cleaning and oiling of the steel band
- forced air circulation
- hot-air curtain
- hydraulic band tensioning
- spare parts for baking ovens
- stainless steel 2-jacketed chimneys and exhausts
- stainless steel fan of forced exhaust
- touch panel control
- band pre-heating
- pre-steaming
- extended steam zone
- extension of infeed and outfeed
- infrared radiation
- moistening of products
- waste heat utilization
- remote control of baking time

Grain and rapeseed dryers
Designed for hygienic safe drying of the products. They dry especially grain, corn and rapeseed.

We are specialists in development, manufacture, repairs, service and supplies of bakery tunnel cyclothermic, electric, convection, direct heating and hybrid ovens, as well as supplies of whole bakery lines into bakeries.

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