Ing. Josef Chlum - ELITE BOHEMIA

Sokolska 93, Semily 513 01
We are one of the biggest producers of crystal chandeliers in the world, with a long tradition.

In our products you can find glass that is pressed, hand cut and painted, gilded or double-layered. We use trimmings with lead (Strass) or without (Spectra). We use Swarovski products.

Our offer includes light collections of the following types:
- Original Classic
- Ceiling mounts
- Royal crystal
- Bohemian decorated
- Light style
- Metal varietie - with metal elements
- Halogen line
- Estate collection.

In our workshop we have created special accessories, such as "lipna" (fancy sleeve), sleeve, hanger (glass twist at the burner), and new styles of glass forming and decoration.

We produce not only home lights in various price ranges, but also original custom-made pieces.

Our products are supplied all over the world. We welcome new ideas from professionals as well as from common customers.

  • building lighting, interior light fixtures, outdoor light fittings, LED lights, wall lights and spotlights, pendant lights, designer lamps

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Czech crystal chandeliers based on traditional design

Czech crystal chandeliers based on traditional design

You will hardly find a more traditional light fitting than a Czech crystal chandelier. Crystal lightings have a long tradition here, and that is also what the ELITE BOHEMIA company realized. In 1996 the company decided to continue the Czech tradition and started manufacturing Czech crystal chandeliers, crystal lamps and other light fittings. Nowadays it belongs among the most significant domestic producers of such lightings and gains success all around the world.

Czech crystal chandeliers production | Semily, the Czech Republic

Czech crystal chandeliers production | Semily, the Czech Republic

Beautiful shiny chandeliers are produced by Ing. Josef Chlum's company ELITE BOHEMIA. We produce lights for common living areas as well as special custom-made pieces, which we then deliver worldwide. For the production we use crystal pressed and cut glass. Every piece is hand painted and decorated with gold. For the trimmings we use leaded Strass trims or unleaded Spectra trims from the Swarovski company. We produce classic style chandeliers, chandeliers with ceiling mounts, with royal crystals, in light style, with metal components or halogen lights. For large spaces, such as castle rooms, halls, theaters or churches, we offer the Estate collection with the biggest hanging chandeliers that our company produces. Our products are supplemented with decorations such as "lipna" (fancy sleeve), sleeve or hanger, that were developed in our own workshop.

Crystal chandeliers Elite Bohemia the Czech Republic

Crystal chandeliers Elite Bohemia the Czech Republic

Crystal chandeliers are manufactured, assembled and sold by Ing. Josef Chlum's company - ELITE BOHEMIA in Semily. We offer wide range of chandeliers with glass, which is hand cut and painted, pressed, decorated with gold, double-layered or cut through. In our catalogue you can choose from chandeliers of the following series: - Original Classic - Ceiling Mount (ceiling suspension) - Royal Crystal - Bohemian decorated (decorated with Czech procedures) - Ligh style - Metal Varieties (with metal elements) - Halogen line - Estate collection. We use quality materials in all production and we apply traditional, as well as modern manufacturing processes. We produce both lighting fittings in normal price range and custom-made masterpieces.