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Production, online shop / E-shop:
- technical, chemical, environmentally progressive and spray preparations for medical, cosmetic, veterinary and technical purposes;
- cosmetic preparations;
- hair sprays - Fruit line and Herbal line groups: with chamomile, nettle, apricot and fruit waxes;
- styling foams - Fruit line and Herbal line groups: with chamomile, nettle, apricot and fruit waxes;
- hair sprays with silver and gold effect - Silver and Scinti;
- poured hair sprays with E vitamin in 0.5 l and 1 l packaging;
- veterinary preparations: Arpalit Neo spray, foam, mechanical sprayer, shampoos, Kubatol, Kerolan, Avejodin;
- disinfectants: Desident;
Consultancy activities in the field of medical equipment manufacturing and related productions.
Business activity in the field.
E-shop: http://obchod.aveflor.cz

Arpalit® NEO
Comprehensive care for your pets
- Treatment of pet hair.
- Long-term effect and comfortable application
- Protection against serious diseases transmitted by ticks
- Suitable for dogs, birds, rodents and reptiles

Arpalit® BIO Repelent
- Repels biting and stinging insects, mosquitoes, gad-flies, flies and ticks
- Protects and cares for the skin
- Contains the active substance 20 g IR3535 in 100 g
- Does not contain DEET!
- Preparation efficacy lasts 4 hours on the skin

Reg. No.: 64259838
VAT No.: CZ64259838
District: Jicin
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: joint-stock company
Employees: 26 - 100 employees
Turnover: over 3 703 thousand €
Contact person: Ing. Jiří Zubatý

Do not underestimate the spring sunshine…

Do not underestimate the spring sunshine…

Do you think that first spring rays are harmless and that you can get sunburnt only in the summer? A mistake. Although intensity of spring sun is milder than in summer, our skin is not ready for UV rays yet and it can be sunburnt easily. Stake on products with an appropriate factor to prevent unpleasantly reddish skin. Novelty on the market Trioderm Sun spray for tanning SPF 20 from Aveflor company protects skin against sunburn and skin cells from aging caused by sunlight.

  • sanitary agents, cleaning agents, disinfecting agents, washing agents, cleaning detergents, cosmetic preparations
  • food supplements, vitamin supplements, medicaments and drugs offer, pharmacological preparations, natural treatment, clinical drug testing, supply pharmacies

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