Mesto Jilemnice

The town of Jilemnice is located in the Semily district in the hilly countryside of the western foothills of the Krkonoše Mountains and has been sought for many years as a convenient starting point to the western Krkonoše Mountains, whose natural center has become a historical center. During the reign of the Harrach family, the local glass and linen industry was raised to a world standard. The town's linen fame culminated in the second half of the 18th and early 19th centuries, when excellent lawns, veils and other top-quality goods were woven here. Another famous tradition of the city is skiing. The ski was brought here for his forest workers in 1892 by Count Jan Harrach. Skiing quickly took over and expanded and Jilemnice became the most important Czech ski center and certainly was rightly called the cradle of Czech skiing.

Culture and Leisure:
- community house Elm
- cinema
- Giant Mountains Museum - chateau
- library.

Jilemnice Information Center:
Masarykovo náměstí 140, tel .: +420 481 541 008.

- Jilemnice castle
- Church of St. Lawrence
- Chapel of st. Anne's Chapel Isidora
- Jilemnice Square with the historic Town Hall building
- Curious aisle ... and more.

Sport, tourism:
- sports Center
- indoor swimming pool
- sports Hall
- natural area Hraběnka
- nature trail "Jilemnice known unknown".

Famous Natives:
- writer Jaroslav Havlíček
- writer Jan Weiss
- geologist František Pošepný, chemist Josef Hanuš and other important personalities.

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Jilemnice 514 01
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