Zemedelske druzstvo Dolany

Dolany 57, Dolany 552 01

  • sawmill production, coniferous joinery timber, broadleaved joinery timber, lumber impregnation, planing of lumber, work with timber loader
  • farm animal breeding, environmental hen breeding, breeding stations for pigs, dairy cow breeding
  • soya beans, pea and bean seeds, lentil seeds, oilseed rape, sunflower and Jerusalem artichoke, linseed and flaxseed, poppy heads
  • growing crops, crop production, agricultural commodities, food wheat, malting barley, fodder millet
  • sweet edible fruit, vitamins and minerals, healthy diet, tropical and subtropical fruits, fruit of temperate zone
  • rubber tree, Gutta-percha tree, Achiote and saffron, pesticidal plants, plants producing elastomers, plants giving waxes, plants containing dyes

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