Zlunice 50, Zlunice 507 34
AGRO ŽLUNICE, a.s. specializes in agricultural production our activities include fruit growing, crop and livestock production. We grow apples, plums, rape, wheat, barley and peas. We also breed cattle including rearing our own calves, heifers and bulls. We are based in the village Žlunice, district Jičín.

Agricultural production:
 - vegetable
 - animal
 - fruit growing, horticulture.

Orchards, orchards, orchards:
 - apples
 - plums.

Crop production:
 - winter wheat
 - rape
 - diabetes
 - spring barley
 - peas
 - for feeding purposes - maize, fodder.

Livestock production:
 - cattle
 - cows
 - dairy cattle
 - rearing their own calves, heifers and bulls.

Production, production:
 - milk, milk
 - beef.

More information about our farming activities can be found on the website.

  • beef cattle breeding, goats and pigs farming, poultry breeding, care of livestock, farm and organic farm, animal husbandry
  • distribution of cereals, feed wheat, food wheat, feed barley, feed rye, millet and spelt
  • legume processing, dried peas distribution, lentil and soy bean sales, dried beans, sunflower, poppy seed and sesame
  • growing of plants providing elastomers, plants producing tannin, plants containing natural pigments
  • sweet edible fruit, vitamins and minerals, healthy diet, tropical and subtropical fruits, fruit of temperate zone

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