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The village of Mohelnice nad Jizerou is located in the district of Mladá Boleslav in the Central Bohemian region and is located at the confluence of the Jizera and Mohelka rivers, approximately 4 km north of Munich Hradiště. The municipality also includes the local part of Podhora. Currently, 91 residents live here.

The first written mention of the village dates from 1352. The center of the village is a church with a cemetery, near it there is a semi-trailer with a statue of Christ on a richly decorated plinth (with a relief of saints) from 1884. There are several water mills in the village and above it on the Mohelka.

Landmarks of the village:
- the listed Romanesque tribune church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary from the second half of the 12th century
- a statue of Christ with a relief of saints on a pedestal (1884) in the village
- the former Muzarův mill No. 3 with a wooden residential building and a still functional hydroelectric power station
- former mill No. 43/44
- former Flodrman's mill No. 42
- the First Republic building of the former school No. 48, the current seat of the municipal office
- bridge over the Mohelka from 1926
- reinforced concrete bridge over the Jizera from 1930
- the confluence of the Mohelka and Jizera rivers on the southern edge of the village
- the ruins of the Zásadka castle above the village
- Káčov basalt hill (351 m), partly protected as a natural monument named Káčov Hill
and more.

A blue and green hiking trail leads through the village, and above the village is the Káčov basalt hill with a dissected basalt suk, which is one of the most valuable natural sites in Pojizeří.

Tips for trips:
- Ruins of Zásadka Castle
- The ruins of Drábská světničky castle
- Klamorna rock castle
- The ruins of Valečov Castle
- Staré Hrady rock castle
- The ruins of Hynšta Castle
- Ruins of Chlum Castle
- The ruins of the Zvířetice castle
and more.

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