COOP Mnichovo Hradiste, druzstvo

Vodarenska 162, Cejetice 293 01

  • women's make-ups, men's cosmetics, women's deodorants, men's antiperspirants, washing powders and detergents, fragrances and perfumes, toilet waters, women's cosmetics, body lotions, shower gels, hair shampoos
  • meat products, sausages and smoked meats, beef and pork, chicken and turkey, meat specialities, meat carving and packing, meat to order
  • cow's milk, goat's milk, yoghurt drinks, fermented milk products, fresh butter, pasteurized milk, hard cheeses, soft cheese, cottage cheese products
  • production of fresh baked goods, manufacture of long-life bakery products, production of Christmas cookies, pastries and confectionery, cakes to order
  • food products, healthy food, basmati and jasmine rice, semolina pasta, red lentils
  • food products, mill products, sugar refinery products, animal and vegetable fats

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