Rimskokatolicka farnost Pecky

Tr. Jana Svermy 50, Pecky 289 11
The Roman Catholic parish of Pečky was established on January 1, 1947. Until then, Pečky with the newly built church of St. Václav (1913) and the parish building (1941) to the parish of Dobřichov. From August 1, 1941, a branch office was established, and a year later separate registries were introduced. With effect from 1 January 2005, the Archbishop of Prague Cardinal Miloslav Vlk merged the Roman Catholic Parish of Dobřichov, the Roman Catholic Parish of Plaňany, the Roman Catholic Parish of Ratenice and the Roman Catholic Parish of Skramníky with the Roman Catholic Parish of Pečky.

Roman Catholic parish:
- Church of St. Wenceslas
- organization of services
- teaching religion
- spiritual encounters
- providing information on the activities of the Roman Catholic parish.

At present, the Parish of Pečky takes care of 11 churches and 2 chapels. The oldest church building he manages is the Church of the Holy Trinity in Dobřichov.

  • political activity, association of ethnic groups, religious activity, civic activities, political party, parishes and abbeys and churches

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