V.Radon a spol. Strojirna Velim v.o.s.

Stožáry veřejného osvětlení

- grinding machines for horizontal building structures made of concrete, terrazzo, marble...
- arm grinders for stonecutters for surface finishing of cemetery architecture and building components
- vibrating tables for concrete mix
- metal furniture - wire programme for equipment of shops, gardens, restaurants, offices
- public lighting poles (including a folding type)
- traction poles with top tension 1, 1 t and 1, 8 t
- steel structures
- metalwork structures
- machining inc. gearing production
- production of spare parts
- shielded welding operations, including stainless steel

Czech Companies:    Engineering plants and metal fabrication,  Machining, turning and milling work,  Steel structures and metal stairs,  Tools,  Welding work,  Wires and wire programme,  
Themes: production, assembly, public lighting poles, steel structures, metalwork products, gates, doors