O - CONSULT, s.r.o.
audit, dane, ucetnictvi

Member of the Chamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic - legal entity with certificate No. 038 with certificate ISO 9001: 2008.

Since 1993, the auditing company has provided the following services to entrepreneurs, municipalities, towns and contributory organizations:

 verification of sound, extraordinary, and
  interim financial statements
 - audit-verification of financial statements
  business entities
 - audit-review of urban management; and
 - auditing the financial statements of non-profit making entities
 - control of accounting and books
 - management control
 - analysis of financial statements and results
 - carrying out specially targeted checks
 - tax advice on all types of taxes
 - processing returns for all other taxes
 - tax liability optimization
 representation before the tax administrator at
  inspections of tax subjects
 - tax audit
 - processing income tax returns
  tax adviser postponing the deadline

 - double-entry bookkeeping
  business entities
 - non-profit accounting
 - preparation of financial statements
 - elaboration of internal accounting directives
  and chart of accounts
 - drafting directives for implementation
  inventories and their implementation
 - processing of payroll including social
 - representation before wage institutions
  agenda and insurance agenda
 - consolidated accounting
  the shutter
 identifying optimal procedures for
  bookkeeping according to internal
  needs of the entity

Economic and tax consulting:
 - consultancy in establishing a company
  including input documents
 - consultancy in liquidation of the company
  and liquidation
 - Transfers of business forms
 - conducting internal training
 - elaboration of internal accounting regulations
 - establishing the internal circulation of accountants
 - financial analysis and recommendations

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