Hruban Michal

Dlouhy Most 264, Liberec 25 463 12
Our activity is metal engraving and laser marking.

Engraving, engraving, laser marking:
Materials that we can engrave - metals, plastics, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, PVC, ABS, acrylic, wood.

 - engraving for engineering and electrical production
 - information and orientation labels
 - promotional items
 - instrument and machine plates
 - production of casting models
 - control panels for machines and equipment
 - registration plates
 - key chains and stock marks
 - labels for sports trophies
 - funeral labels and boards
 - orientation systems of buildings and technological operations
 - business cards
 - personal name badges
 - commemorative plaques
 - mandatory publicity boards
 - company boards
 - labels for gas and liquid distribution
 - labels for souvenirs, gift wrapping
 - Aluminum and plastic spray patterns
 - Sealants
 - engraving of punching punches, engraving of molds for plastic forming
 - marking of machine parts, tools, keys
 - carving of plastic letters, log
 - dies and burners
 - Engraving inserts into molds
 - barcodes and QR codes

Graphics from self-adhesive foils:
 - cut graphics from self-adhesive foils applied to supporting plastic boards, doors, windows, cars, machinery
 - billboards, billboards
 - information, warning and safety signs and inscriptions
 - orientation systems of buildings, technological operations, areas
 - warning strips
 - magnetic plates for temporary marking of crates, pallets

  • scribing for mechanical engineering, art locksmith works, gold plating, plastic script manufacture
  • illuminated panels, large format printing, car posting, relief signs, navigation systems, advertising boards
  • promo gifts, USB flash discs, competition and sponsor articles, promotional clock with alarm, caps and T-shirts with logo, promotional drawing implements

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