PEOT s.r.o.

Mimonska 187, Zakupy 471 23
Does your roof need renovation or insulation? Contact experts!

PEOT s.r.o. has been engaged in construction activities since 1998, specializing in waterproofing.
We provide complete reconstruction, repair and renovation of roofs of apartment buildings, industrial halls, sports facilities, etc. Furthermore, the insulation of the substructure and related thermal insulation of buildings.

The work on the roofs is related to the plumbing work that the company performs as part of the supply of roofs as a complete work. Customers of PEOT s.r.o. there are housing cooperatives, associations of unit owners, private building owners, development and construction companies, cities and municipalities.

  • sound insulation, heat insulation, roof insulation, insulation of terraces, insulation of substructures, insulation of swimming pools, insulation against chemicals
  • roofing installation, roof supply, turnkey roofs, metal element installation, further processing of sheet metal
  • exploring of damp objects, calculation of damp building constructions, masonry drying, masonry rehabilitation, remediation material
  • work at height, window washing at height, snow removal from roofs, work with mountaineering equipment, tall tree pruning

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