Olbrachtova 820, Liberec 15-Kunraticka 460 15

Squash facility:
- 6x a court
- price from CZK 250, - / hour
- continuous weekly running

- 13 bicycles of SCHWINN brand available, under instructor guidance
- price: CZK 70, - / hour
- to buy a season ticket is possible
- individual training is possible for a group of 6 or more people

The latest golf simulators FULL SWING GOLF in Liberec!

Indoor golf - golf simulators:
- 56 world courses + 2 par-3 academies
- pleasant non-smoking environment suitable also for families with children, corporate events, parties, etc.
- individual lessons with a coach are possible
- refreshments
Entrance fees:
- CZK 200, - / hour
- club rental CZK 50, - / hour

Adventure golf:
- a new certified 18-hole course of adventure golf AGLI.
- individuals or groups of players of any age can play. Maximum of 4 players are recommended to occupy one hole.
Entrance fees 1 hour:
- adults CZK 120
- children under 6 years free of charge
- children 6-15 years CZK 60
- students (student card required) CZK 100
- seniors (over 60 years) CZK 100
- family admission (2 adults and 2 children up to 150 cm) CZK 300
The price includes both the above-mentioned time and hire of a club, ball and game record form.

- CZK 200, - / hour (MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PEOPLE 4-5)
- a sheet can be hired

2x solarium:
- 1x vertical one
- price: CZK 70, - / unlimited number of minutes

Laser permanent epilation / hair removal
- tel. +420 777 598 780
- painless and mainly permanent method to help you remove unwanted hairs
- more information on our website www.squasharena.li or www.laserone.cz

Laser cellulite removal
SmoothShapes - the method combines dynamic laser and LED light energy with a mechanical massage with contouring rollers placed in vacuum chamber of application head.
Basic features:
- fast
- effective
- painless
- clinically proven
- world top in the field
- first in the Czech Republic
- more information on our website www.squasharena.li or www.laserone.cz

Non-invasive liposuction by freezing of fat cells.
-it removes genetically given fat pads (fat cells) in some body parts (abdomen, inner arms, hips, inner and outer thighs)
-it forms a figure quickly, painlessly, without health risks
-non-surgical, non-invasive method, comfortable application
-final effect is visible after 2 weeks, full effect will come after about 6 weeks
Clinically proven FDA certification.
- more information on our website www.squasharena.li or www.laserone.cz

InBody - body bioanalysis diagnoses:
- body structure
- muscles + fats
- diagnosis of obesity
- balance of a figure
- water retention (tumescences)
- visceral fat
- additional information
- measurement with common results CZK 250
- measurement with extensive and detailed results CZK 800
- consultation: +420 777 598 780
- more information on our website www.squasharena.li

- coffee, tea, soft drinks - alcoholic drinks, fresh drinks

Summer terrace
- open 8 a.m. - 10 p.m.
- pleasant seating at a natural small lake
- mixed drinks and snacks

Sports stores

Hire of sports goods:
- rackets, balls, shoes, shorts, T-shirts, towels

Connection to WI-FI network is possible.

Opening hours of the whole facility:
MON - SUN 8 a.m. - 10 p.m.


Reg. No.: 25407155
VAT No.: CZ25407155
District: Liberec
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: limited company
Employees: unspecified
Turnover: unspecified
Contact person: Vladimír Černý

  • cosmetic skin treatment, skin cleansing, face masks, skin diagnosis, decorative cosmetics, beauty salon
  • solarium tanning, solar cosmetics sale, spraying tanning, vertical and horizontal tanning beds, solarium season tickets
  • sport and relaxation, wellness program, water sports, golf courses, horse riding, sport fishing
  • rental of sports grounds, sports halls hire, rent gymnasiums, organization of sport events, sporting matches, sporting marathons
  • tennis and squash rackets, sports clothing and accessories, racket stringing, gymnasiums and courts, facilities for sport
  • sports premises, climbing wall, sports centre with accommodation, sports arena, rope centre

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