APPLIC spol. s r.o.

Puskinova 445, Liberec 460 08
Telephone: +420 485 382 222

Since its foundation our company has been engaged in industrial automation especially in following fields:
Energetics- remote control in energetics
Combined heat and power production (CHP) - measuring and regulation, control systems
Textile industry - textile machinery and equipment control, machine renovation
Automobile and food industry - machinery and equipment control, production marking
machine vision systems - Machine vision Cognex

We provide full service for our customers:
counselling in v electronics and electrotechnology
design service in electrotechnology with an orientation to working machinery and equipment design
electric device implementation (deliveries, assemblies, installations, launching)
software design
electric appliance overhaul
development and equipment (since 1991 our company has put more than 4000 control systems in many branches of industry)

Used control systems
our control systems APL51 and APL196 ( more than 4000 systems running)
Simatic S5, S7 + OP

In energetics we design and implemet systems of remote control of high voltage sectional disconnecters and switches. We have overall more than 1000 pc of these appliances in a territory of the Czech Republic and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

In CHP we implemet measuring and control systems for city systems of remote heating. These are especially control of object interchange stations, calorifier rooms and their systems. We interconnect systems into data collecting networks that we also design and implemet. We have overall more than 380 control systems in MAR branch especially in Liberec district.

Control systems are made as complex systems monitoring all equipment in the building or in the territory. An example is a control system TipSport of hockey arena Liberec that processes data from technologies EPS, EZS, cooling of areas, air conditioning, heat pumps, co-generation units, calorifier room, energetics and further.

In a field of Machine vision systems we have been working since 1999, at first with a picture analysis system that we developed. A great success of our company was winning prize "Gold medal" for tester of board instruments for cars Skoda Fabia at International engineering fair in Brno in 2000.
In 2005 we established contact with the company COGNEX Corp. (USA) and became its sole system integrator for the Czech Republic. The firm Cognex produces and supplies industrial systems Machine vision. These are especially smart cameras InSight, systems PC-vision, camera scanners and cheap camera picture sensors Checker. In the Czech Republic we provide all technical and business service connected with systems Cognex.

Products of our company work in many countrie of the world (Germany, France, Poland, Slovakia, Serbia, Austria, USA, Mexico, Turkey, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Israel, Australia...).

Reg. No.: 44565470
VAT No.: CZ44565470
District: Liberec
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: limited company
Employees: 26 - 100 employees
Turnover: 1 851 thousand - 3 703 thousand €
Contact person: Dipl. Ing. Vladimír Hampl

+420 485 382 222
+420 485 382 200

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Contact persons:
Dipl. Ing. Vladimir Hampl
tel: +420 485 382 222

GPS: 50°44′13.78″ N, 15°1′29.6″ E

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