Augustin Pecha - Mopservis, s.r.o.
Vyroba uklidovych mopu e-shop

The company is engaged in the production of mops, sale of cleaning equipment, machinery and chemicals.

Sale, wholesale:
 - cleaning mops and trolleys, squeegees
 - scrapers, sacks, rags
 - window programs of companies PULEX, UNGER
 - vacuum cleaners, floor machines
 - carpet extractors
 - waste and siphon cleaners
 - chemical products
 - sanitary accessories
 - SuperPADs for use on single disc machines and floor brush machines

Cleaning mops - eshop
 - flat mops for all types of holders - 40 and 50cm
 - fringed mops 325-500g
 - mops for wet wiping FW 40 to 160cm
 - Mops for scissor holder
 - circular mops for single disc machines
 - Mops for Velcro holder
 - microfiber mops
 - plush or disposable and other ....

 - vacuum cleaners with rotating brush head BS-37 and BS-47
 - pot vacuum cleaners for dry and wet suction
 - 2 and 3 motor industrial vacuum cleaners WIRBEL
 - single-disc machines WIRBEL Lympia 33 and Candia 43
 - floor machines TWINTEC and CLEANFIX
 - carpet extractors and other ...

Service and sale of refurbished cleaning machines.
Sales of chemicals LORITO.

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Augustin Pecha - Mopservis, s.r.o.


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