Vyvolavaci a odbavovaci systemy

Czech manufacturer of developing and display equipment, attendance, access and catering systems.

Developing and imaging equipment and handling systems
have a wide range of applications wherever a larger number of customers arrive, whether they are people or, for example, cars or trucks in logistics centers or MOT. Thanks to them they do not have to stand uncomfortably in the queues, but they spend time comfortably.

- QTRONIK - effective tool for customer identification and directing to check-in. Included is a KIOSEK (QVL) for ticketing, hall and counter displays (QDH and QDP), controlled by a control program (QWIN). The system also helps to easily navigate the building. It also allows clients to order via the Internet. Accurate monitoring also helps to evaluate the activities of individual workers.

- entrance mini-systems (DPTRONIK, IVM) - only inform customers if they can enter, eventually. they may be supplemented by text messages relating to the counters.

- digital clock - is a suitable complement to attendance and calling systems

- multimedia information kiosks, panels, electronic message boards
- touch screens.

Attendance and access systems
it is mainly used to record arrivals and departures of employees. Of course there is accurate evidence and evaluation, which becomes an accurate and conclusive basis for the calculation of employees' wages.
Integration of the access system with the attendance system increases safety in buildings and controls the movement of people in the workplace.
- Attendance terminals - biometric, contactless, contact attendance records
- Access units - main control, secondary, autonomous
- Employee attendance

Check-in systems for logistics centers.

Catering systems
a simple solution for ordering and dispensing meals for mass catering in school and canteens. At the same time, it creates documents for billing of taken meals.

The systems allow you to order meals any time in advance, choose from the menu and make payments using your card or chip.
Above-limit goods can be paid at the cash register. Of course there are documents for the payroll office again.

Development, production, sales, customized solutions and service support for all the above products.

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