Instala KRT s.r.o.
Voda, topeni, plyn, kanalizace Louny

Instalatérské práce Louny

  • central heating radiators, gas heating radiators, radiator valves, radiator cocks, safety heating valves, bleed valves
  • plumbing products, plumbing pipes and fittings, plumbing stop valves, plumbing accessories
  • bathroom cabinets, bathroom hangers and accessories, bathroom mirrors and shelves
  • chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, chimney revisions, chimney insert installations, combustible measurements, combustible duct inspections
  • designing of gas pipelines, gas main installation, gas system installations, gas main repairs, maintenance of gas networks, gas equipment inspections
  • heat pump assembly, solar panel designing, floor heating implementation, boiler replacement
  • industrial water distribution systems, plumbing reconstruction, sewerage installation, reconstruction of sanitary units, water plumber
  • resistance temperature sensors, thermo-electric temperature sensors, bimetallic thermometers, pressure gauges, level sensors, flow meters, heat meter, heat controllers
  • bathroom unit adjustment, bathroom reconstruction and renovation, bathtub replacement, replacement of shower enclosure, replacement of bathroom tiles

Czech Companies:    Bathroom furniture,  Bathroom renovation,  Gas work,  Heating material,  Heating work,  Chimney sweep work,  Measuring and control equipment,  Plumbing material,  Plumbing work,