Vodohospodarske stavby, spolecnost s rucenim omezenym

Krizikova 2393, Teplice 415 01
Water structures.

Building construction.

Highway construction and bridges.

Engineering communications and service pipelines:
- sewerage
- water mains
- gas pipelines.

Ecological constructions:
- waste management
- sewerage plants
- pushing
- tunnels.

Industrial and civil engineering constructions.

Special work:
- pipelines
- welding work
- thermal networks.

- concrete prefabricated elements
- asphalt mixes.

Water works.

  • soldering and welding, stainless welding, firm welding, aluminium welding, gate and fence welding, welding school
  • building construction, water pipelines, sewer connections, gas pipelines and sewerage, construction activity, transport communications
  • construction of roads and motorways, bridge construction, highway construction, construction of crossings, construction of railway network
  • hydro power plant construction, green energy generation, power distribution to households
  • oil platforms, industrial factories, power plants, brewery facilities, textile mills, engineering factories, industrial furnaces, industrial warehouses, ironworks plant
  • construction of sports grounds, playing field construction, construction of gymnasiums and sports facilities
  • sewage treatment plants, waterways and water routes, construction of sewerage systems, water corridors, construction of water canals, construction of water dams, water-power plants, hydroelectric pumped storage power plants
  • concrete building elements, pavements and prefabricated elements, kerbs and palisades, small cement products

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Pipeline reconstructions by trenchless technologies, pipe jacking, the Czech Republic

Pipeline reconstructions by trenchless technologies, pipe jacking, the Czech Republic

By using trenchless technologies the Vodohospodářské stavby company provides fast and comfortable reconstructions of various underground pipelines and sewage systems. Our services relate to the following lines: - Water pipelines - Gas pipelines - Gravitational sewers - Pressure sewers If you want to use pipe jacking, i.e., trenchless technologies, just call + 417 941 117.